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Anonymous asked: "aer u still doin requestz bc I had sommin in mind"

nah I cant at the moment cos my computer broke agAIN sorry :(

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Anonymous asked: "*kries* y r u eggnoring mea"

gat 2 hav dat grammer if u wan mi atenshun yo

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Anonymous asked: "I was just wondering if you have an instagram idk because i would follow you"

i do yea but its only a personal acc tho (@deadfriends)

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looks like my computers fucked up again sigh

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well this just happened..

no idea how 8000 people actually like this blog but nevertheless  omG THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH IM SO HAPPY AHH ILY ALL

mermaidcunt420 asked: "Hey hi hello could you link me the post that says something similar to: gerd wat r u doing not drawin cats and it was really cute and i hope i make sense"

I didnt draw that (though I know exactly what youre talking about but idk where it was posted), sorry!