youll never get my nipples
imasamandcasgirl whispered huskily:

You probably get this question 40 times a day but when are you coming back??? I miss Frnk and Moiki.

as soon as my computer gets fixed, so I dont know, probably not anytime soon unfortunately :/ but trust me I miss drawing too like hella

youngvolcadont whispered huskily:

Hey hi hello could you link me the post that says something similar to: gerd wat r u doing not drawin cats and it was really cute and i hope i make sense

I didnt draw that (though I know exactly what youre talking about but idk where it was posted), sorry!

i’m sorry guys, but it turns out my computer has a hardware issue and couldnt be fixed so i’m gonna have to send it somewhere and stuff to replace it, so I still cant draw yet. i’m trying to get this situated as soon as possible so please bear with me on this cos this really sucks. again, i’m so sorry this is taking so long :c

someone told me to draw gerard high up in a tree so im sending it to you bc i have nowhere else to put it

omg i love this

Anonymous whispered huskily:

ayyyyy can you put a link to teh fic u wrote pretty please?


home-by-october whispered huskily:

how do you do that 'anonymous whispered huskily' thingy

allow me to show you

find the thing in your html that says {block:Answer}

it will show this lil thing

next to {asker} just write whatcha want it to say

then click save and ta-da

i made more shitty christmas icons

jingle jingle muthafuckas

Anonymous whispered huskily:

you are the princess of the mcr fandom. No crown we're too emo for that

I feel so honored