youll never get my nipples
Anonymous whispered huskily:

is this blog coming back soon I miss it

of course im gonna come back but unfortunately every computer in my house is broken atm so I cant really make or post anything .-. im so sorry

Anonymous whispered huskily:

Could u come back

I will when I can

someone told me to draw gerard high up in a tree so im sending it to you bc i have nowhere else to put it

omg i love this

Anonymous whispered huskily:

ayyyyy can you put a link to teh fic u wrote pretty please?


saturday-night-lives whispered huskily:

how do you do that 'anonymous whispered huskily' thingy

allow me to show you

find the thing in your html that says {block:Answer}

it will show this lil thing

next to {asker} just write whatcha want it to say

then click save and ta-da

i made more shitty christmas icons

jingle jingle muthafuckas

Anonymous whispered huskily:

you are the princess of the mcr fandom. No crown we're too emo for that

I feel so honored